Inner calm despite life’s challenges, joy for life and thriving. Experience your wellbeing birthright. Welcome to your life.



Hi, I’m Cassandra.

I've been supporting people who are overwhelmed with the demands of daily life and wanting greater wellbeing -- including myself and my family -- for almost over a decade. I'm a mindfulness teacher and life & wellness coach… with personal expertise in resilience and prevailing joy despite life’s challenges.

Through proven mindful life and wellness practices, I empower individuals and groups to come out from under stress and unbalance into a place of thriving and inner contentment.

So, you can live in the here and now, abundant, healthy, feeling your best, cultivating enriching relationships; not missing out on the beauty and richness of your one life.

Learn more about me and approach here and on my blog. And if you scroll down, you can read more about the ways I help people learn mindfulness and wellness practices that transform their lives.

I'm glad you're here. I hope I can offer you something that helps you on your journey. Visit my Consultations page and feel free to reach out to me anytime.

With kindness, C



75% of adults experience moderate to high levels of stress on a regular basis - and we experience physical and psychological symptoms caused by this stress. Mindfulness and Life & Wellness Coaching helps.



Mindfulness & Meditation

Stressed? Overwhelmed? Anxious? Unfocused? Keep hearing about mindfulness but not sure where to start? Mindfulness consultations promote stress relief, neuroplasticity, and relaxation to improve your daily life and mental health.


Life & Wellness Coaching

Are you ready to feel empowered and happy? Peaceful and uplifted? Coaching sessions with me utilize highly effective strategies to help you manifest goals and desires for your life and your health, navigate life’s challenges, and become the best version of yourself.

Holistic Detox

Stuck in a health rut needing to shift old habits that no longer serve you? Or maybe you’re a health-conscious person wanting to benefit from the impact holistic seasonal cleansing has on longevity. Healthy detoxifying foods and herbs are vast and time-tested. These wellness coaching programs focused on detox offer guidance to kickstart your path to optimal health and wellbeing to help you feel your best.

  • Diminish Sugar Cravings

  • Transform your Health at a Cellular Level

  • Detox Harmful Toxins

  • Reboot Eating Habits

  • Regain Emotional Balance